D-Link DWL-2700AP Firmware Download kostenlos (ver. 3.­30)

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D-Link DWL-2700AP (ver. 3.­30) ZIP freigegeben 2013.07.11.

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Kategorie Netzwerkgeräte
Marke D-Link
Gerät DWL-2700AP
Betriebssystem Firmware
Version 3.­30
Dateigröße 2.04 Mb
Dateityp ZIP
Freigegeben 2013.07.11
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Firmware for D-Link DWL-2700AP Revision B Revision Info Fix device with new flash cannot download image.­ Disable the function that syslog file writing every five minutes,­ and remove syslog file parse when system initiates.­ Remove the message ` Press Enter to login` when telnet.­ Support Ethernet in/­out traffic for standard MIB.­ Support maximum community string length to 32 characters.­

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