D-Link DWL-520+ for Win98/­ME/­2000/­XP Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 2.­20)

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for Win98/­ME/­2000/­XP (ver. 2.­20) ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING freigegeben 2002.09.30.

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Kategorie Netzwerkgeräte
Marke D-Link
Gerät DWL-520+
Betriebssystem Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 98
Version 2.­20
Dateigröße 2.04 Mb
Freigegeben 2002.09.30
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The D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+ PCI Adapter is an enhanced 802.­11b adapter featuring advanced silicon chip technology from Texas Instruments.­ The DWL-520+ is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.­11b standard making it interoperable with all existing 802.­11b compliant devices.­ Now you can transfer files or communicate up to 20%­ faster than previous 802.­11b solutions,­ even when connected to a standard 802.­11b network.­ When youre connected to other D-Link AirPlus products,­ the performance is even greater up to 22Mbps! Updated configuration utility.­ Will not support 256 bit encryption under Win XP

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