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Kategorie MP3 Player
Marke D-Link
Gerät DMP-220
Betriebssystem Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 98
Version 1.­00
Dateigröße 828 Kb
Freigegeben 2016.07.08
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The Roq-it 64 is a portable MP3 player with 64 Megabytes of internal memory.­ An additional SmartMedia memory card of up to 128 Megabytes of memory can be added for further expansion of MP3 storage.­ It is targeted at MP3 music enthusiasts.­ With 64 Megabytes of on-board flash memory,­ the Roq-it 64 can provide approximately 1 hour of digital-quality music and other recordings utilizing the popular MP3 standard.­ It is compatible with the MP3 (MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3) standard that provides specifications for audio compression.­ The Roq-it 64 uses a USB 1.­1 compliant connection for transferring audio files from the computer to the Roq-it 64.­ The Roq-it 64 includes easy to use management software that transfers music to the Roq-it 64.­ Bundled software,­ including Audio Catalyst,­ is also provided that enables users to encode MP3 files from audio CDs,­ organize music libraries,­ and listen to MP3 Audio.­ The Roq-it 64 features easy to use buttons that control all major functions.­ The buttons can be deactivated with a hold switch to ensure that music is not accidentally interrupted.­ Four preset equalizer effects are provided which allows users to customize the sound to their choice.­ The four equalizer effects are: Normal,­ Jazz,­ Rock and Classic.­ The Roq-it 64s LCD display provides track number,­ playtime,­ battery status,­ and encoded Kbps information.­ An auto-power off feature saves battery life by turning the unit off automatically after finishing the playlist.­ All necessary items,­ such as a USB cable,­ CD-ROM with drivers and software,­ 1 x AA Alkaline battery,­ and earphones,­ are provided for a complete Digital Audio package.­

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